Editorial: How Can Microsoft Top Last Years E3 Performance

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: “E3 is just a week away and there is so much to get excited for. From games, consoles, new and returning franchises, the game trading show has it all and no company had a bigger showing last year than Microsoft. They truly delivered on one of the best press conferences that were filled to the brim with many new titles for every gamer, which puts quite a lot of pressure on trying to topple this monumental feat this year, but there is much to like on how they have positioned themselves this time around. With the hopes of classic titles making their way back in the favour of gamers, potentially showing off new acquisitions as well as the companys upcoming new device in Project Scarlett, Microsoft has all of the tools to outdo their last years E3 performance.”

Author: N4G

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