E3 2019: FIFA 20 Adding FIFA Street-Style Volta Mode

FIFA 20 contains a FIFA Street-style mode named Volta, publisher EA has revealed. The mode is a new direction for the mainline FIFA series, which has until now remained relatively realistic and straightforward in its execution.

Volta “takes football back to the streets with the authentic culture, creativity, and style of the small-sided game,” EA says. It appears to be an exclusively small-sided match mode, meaning you’ll play with teams of between three and five, as opposed to the regulation 11.

Volta contains a number of sub-modes, each of which is playable with male or female avatars. Volta World allows you to “build up your squad,” for example, while Volta Story will see you take on the role of one player through a scripted narrative, similar to The Journey from previous editions of FIFA. Additionally, you can “take your favorite professional teams to the streets in Volta Kick-Off” or “play through Promotion and Relegation in the online Volta League.” Match variants include 3v3 Rush, 4v4, 4v4 Rush, 5v5, and Professional Futsal, where “rush” indicates a game mode that excludes goalkeepers.

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A single small-sided match was playable in FIFA 19‘s Journey Mode, but this is otherwise the first time EA has dabbled with street football since 2012’s FIFA Street reboot. Volta Mode is the only real detail EA has released for its upcoming soccer title, aside from the FIFA 20 release date. More is set to be revealed during EA Play at E3 in a few hours’ time.

Author: GameSpot

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