Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Holding Bonus XP Special Event This Weekend

You can earn some extra spell energy and XP in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite this weekend, thanks to a special event. An alert in the mobile game tells players about an upcoming Task Force Emergency, prompting all the wizards and witches to heed the call and lend a hand.

“A Task Force Emergency approaches! On Saturday [June 29], grab your wand and help the SOS Task Force contain a flare-up of Foundables. For a limited time, Inns will provide extra Spell Energy and Care of Magical Creatures Traces will award additional Family XP.”

The alert doesn’t list a start or end time for the event, so it’s unclear if it will be Saturday only or if it simply starts on Saturday. Whichever the case, try to get yourself some bonuses while you can.

Niantic recently addressed one of the top complaints from the community by making spell energy more plentiful, and this special event should bolster it even further for participating players. The developer also announced its first fan festival event to take place in Indianapolis later this summer. That promises to shed more light on the story of Wizards Unite, as well as provide some unique bonuses for those who can attend. It will be holding a lottery through the official site to open ticket sales.

If you’re just getting started with your wizarding world career, you may want to familiarize yourself with how it compares to Niantic’s other mobile hit, Pokemon Go. Or just read up on all of our Wizards Unite guides to be your best wizard or witch self.

Author: GameSpot

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