PlayStation Plus Is in Desperate Need of an Overhaul

PlayStation Plus needs an overhaul. Now look, $60 a year for online play, 24 “free” PS4 games, access to cloud storage, and a bunch of regular discounts on the PlayStation Store is still pretty good value. The real issue lies in the fact that PS Plus used to offer more for less — and again, this problem has been amplified by the removal of PS3, Vita, and even PSVR titles.

With the PS5 on the horizon, PS Plus could do with a refresh. In March, Sony revealed that over 36 million users are subscribed to PS Plus, and the PlayStation Network itself makes the company an absurd amount of money. In 2018, the PSN generated more profit than the entirety of Nintendo and the Xbox division. It’s clear that Sony needs to keep people invested in its online economy — and PS Plus is a gateway to that economy.

Thats not to say that Sony’s about to ruin its success if it doesn’t reshape PS Plus as a service, but it’d do well to carry the momentum of this console generation forward into the ne…

Author: N4G

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