Batman And The Outsiders #3: The Dark Knight’s Most Dangerous Enemy Takes Center Stage In Preview

For superheroes, saving the day isn’t always the end of the story–and sometimes not even Batman’s protection can guarantee a happy ending. That’s where The Outsiders, a brand new team formed by Bruce himself, come in. When Bruce rescued a family from horrific experiments and placed them into hiding personally, the nightmare should have been over–but, now, years later, members of the Barrera family are turning up dead and Bruce has called in the cleverly to see them to safety. With Black Lightning, Katana, The Signal, and Orphan in their line up, The Outsiders have been pitted against none other than Ra’s Al-Ghul and the League of Assassins to try and stop the Barrera family’s blood from being spilled.

Check out this preview of issue #3, on sale this week, featuring the team facing down none other than Ra’s himself, as they race against the clock to rescue Sofia Barrera from his clutches.

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Of course, this beg’s the question: just what does Ra’s want with Sofia? As one of Batman’s most intelligent (and most deadly) foes, the motives of the Demon’s Head are never quite what they seem. The Outsiders are on a ticking clock, and one tiny mistake could cost them everything.

Batman and The Outsiders #3 by Bryan Edward Hill and Dexter Soy hits shelves everywhere comics are sold tomorrow.

Author: GameSpot

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