Bad Juju, And Everything New In Destiny 2 Today

Bungie has done a good job of giving Destiny 2 players something new to do on a regular basis lately, and this week is particularly notable in that regard. While we knew the latest weekly reset would bring with it the Moments of Triumph for 2019, that coincided with both a new update and the release of a new Exotic weapon questline. Here’s what to be ready for next time you log in.

Bad Juju Is Here

The beloved Exotic pulse rifle from the first Destiny, Bad Juju, is now in Destiny 2. If you, like many players, made a trip to Eververse after the weekly reset, you likely noticed a pair of Exotic ornaments are currently up for sale for Bad Juju. Additionally, among the new Moments of Triumph is one that tasks you with acquiring three Exotic weapons, including Bad Juju. All of this pointed to the gun being in the game, and sure enough, it is–although the game doesn’t go out of its way to tell you where to go or how to get it.

For a more in-depth explanation of how to start the Bad Juju quest, check out our guide. But essentially it involves opening a chest on Nessus. That sends you to a new area called the Hall of Triumph, and from there you’ll have to complete tasks (or spend a bunch of in-game currency) to unlock Bad Juju. It comes surprisingly soon after the release of the Lumina Exotic hand cannon.

Moments of Triumph 2019

With Year 2 of Destiny winding down, Moments of Triumph for 2019 are now available. You may have already completed many of these objectives, while some (such as the aforementioned one that requires getting your hands on Bad Juju) are only now doable. Rather than rewards being tied to specific Triumphs, you’ll earn rewards–such as a ship, sparrow, and emblem–for completing certain numbers of Triumphs.

Additional Triumphs may be coming later this month, when the annual Solstice of Heroes event returns. You have until August 27 to complete Moments of Triumph.

Update Patch Notes

Just ahead of all of this debuting, Bungie released a new patch, update The patch notes aren’t necessarily the most exciting, but they do make some adjustments to clan XP and fix various bugs, and the Pursuits screen gets a slight touch-up. The update does, however, make one significant change to the Menagerie.

Menagerie Chest Glitch Is Fixed

As of now, the Menagerie is a one-chest-per-run affair. The glitch that allowed players to repeatedly open the chest at the end of a successful Menagerie run has now been fixed. That means you’ll need to be particularly thoughtful about what you want to get out of that reward chest.

Author: GameSpot

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