Microsoft at E3 2019 Broke My Heart

SickCritic: As a PlayStation fan, its naturally difficult for me to develop an interest in Microsofts platform. As you can imagine, Im not one to be excited for Microsofts E3 conferences. However, I define myself as a gamer, so I erased all preconceptions I had and focused on what mattered most: the games. I built up a healthy amount of hype and geared up for the nearly two-hour conference. My expectations were elevated to a level often reserved for Sony conferences. Did I get new exclusives? Definitely. Did some games look cool? Absolutely. Were there some epic moments? Certainly. Did I leave the conference satisfied? Now thats where the affirmation stops.

It appears that Microsoft might not be the aggressive adversary I envisioned them being to Sony and this E3 proved that. While I dont subscribe to the infantile system wars the gaming community loves to engage in, its a little disheartening to see the industry lose its foundation. Every console manufacturer has their o…

Author: N4G

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