Nintendo Switch Lite Signals the Need for a PlayStation 4 Super Slim

PushSquare: I dont know if you realise this, but the PlayStation 4 still costs $299.99 officially. Sony has added value to the console by increasing its base hard drive size and also by bundling in software, but its more or less maintained the same MSRP for nearing three years now. Thats a testament to the success of the system overall: its approaching 100 million units now, and its done so at a premium price point.

But with the PlayStation 5 looming, I think its the perfect time to move the format into its final form. With the PlayStation 3, the platform holder introduced an end-of-life hardware revision: the top-loading PS3 Super Slim a cheap and cheerful entry-point for cash-conscious latecomers. The manufacturers said that the PS4 still has three years left in it, so perhaps its time to do the same.

Author: N4G

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