Best Prime Day 2019 Anime Deals So Far (US)

This year, Amazon Prime Day is actually more Amazon Prime Days with a full 48 hours of deals. Provided you’re a Prime member, you have access to bargains on hundreds of products. Everything, from games and PC hardware to console controllers and VR headsets, is on sale. Even plenty of anime products receive a hefty discount.

Given Prime Video’s rapidly growing presence as a serious contender in the anime streaming space, Amazon may not discount as many Blu-ray and DVDs for mainstream series and movies as it did last year. Even if it does, you may not want to take advantage of all of them. Amazon Prime Video has spent the past few years getting the streaming rights to many of those major anime series, as well as securing exclusivity on some truly remarkable stories–such as Re:Creators, Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku, After the Rain, Iroduku: The World in Colors, Dororo, and Vinland Saga. Without a doubt, the best anime deal you can find on Amazon right now is buying into Prime Video. You’re missing out on some great series without a membership.

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Amazon hasn’t completely stepped away from physical sales, though, and is planning on using Prime Day to offer discounts on the series that aren’t a part of Prime Video. There’s a whole lot more than just Blu-ray deals for anime fans to take advantage of as well–there are discounts on box sets, plushies, and other types of collectibles.

Below we’ve highlighted some of the best anime deals to take advantage of around Prime Day, and most of them aren’t at Amazon. Rightstuf is having one of its huge anime sales right now, and Best Buy and Walmart both have a few excellent anime deals going on at the moment. We’ll continue to fill the list out with Prime Day deals as we hear of them, so stay tuned.

Best anime deals at Amazon

Best anime Blu-rays and box set deals elsewhere

Anime collectibles deals

  • Darling in the Franxx (Zero Two & Ichigo) Nendoroid Bundle — $80 (Rightstuf)
  • Haikyu!! Competitors (Kenma & Kotaro) Nendoroid Figure Bundle — $64 (Rightstuf)
  • Haikyu!! Crows (Yu & Ryunosuke) Nendoroid Figure Bundle — $70 (Rightstuf)

If you’re looking for even more anime as you wait for Prime Day, we’ve got you covered. July marks the start of the summer season, which means a bunch of new movies and series have made their debut. To help you wade through the dozens of new titles to choose from, we’ve put together a guide of the eight anime to add to your queue and watch this summer–one of which is a Prime Video exclusive. Earlier this month, we attended Anime Expo and compiled galleries of the best anime games and best cosplay at the convention.

For more on Amazon Prime Day(s) 2019, look below to read through all the deals we’ve compiled. Prime Day ends at on July 17 at midnight (no matter which timezone you live in).

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