PlayStation Classic Price Drops Even Further, Now Available For $20 (US Only)

The PlayStation Classic’s price continues to freefall. Best Buy is currently offering the slimmed-down retro console for only $20 USD. That looks like the lowest it’s ever been. Go to Best Buy’s website here to buy one or learn more.

The PlayStation Classic released in December 2018 at $100 USD. Presumably in response to lower-than-expected sales, various retailers cut the price quickly and deeply.

Best Buy’s deal is the best out there, it seems. Amazon, Walmart, and GameStop are selling the PlayStation Classic for $40 USD, while Target has it for $60 USD.

The PlayStation Classic is a retro plug-and-play console in the style of Nintendo’s NES and SNES Classics. It features 20 classic PlayStation games into the box, including Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto, and Final Fantasy VII. The console features an HDMI connection and two wired controllers.

GameSpot’s PS Classic review expressed a series of disappointments, but, at only $20 USD, you might finally be compelled to jump in.

Author: GameSpot

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