Prime Day 2019: Nintendo Switch Deal Includes Free Eshop Credit (US)

Amazon Prime Day 2019 is finally upon us. For those unaware, it’s basically Amazon’s own version of Black Friday. As such, there are plenty of great gaming deals to be found.

One such deal is this new one for a Nintendo Switch console plus $35 of Nintendo Eshop credit for a total of $300. Assuming you put the Eshop credit to good use, that means you’re essentially getting a Switch for $265. Not bad.

Nintendo Switch + $35 Eshop credit - on sale for $300 at Amazon
Nintendo Switch + $35 Eshop credit – on sale for $300 at Amazon

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It’s especially good when you consider a Switch console’s MSRP is $300 by itself. So this deal basically gets you $35 of Eshop credit for free. It’s also notable given how rarely the Switch–or anything from Nintendo–is discounted. The deal works for both the Gray console and the Neon Blue / Red variant, but you’ll need to be a Prime member to see the discount, which is applied at checkout.

There’s plenty more going cheap on the hybrid console. For a list of all the best promotions, check out our complete rundown of the best Nintendo Switch deals this Prime Day. You can see more of our Prime Day coverage, including some initial deals, below.

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Author: GameSpot

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