The Nintendo Switchs Chance in a Next-Gen World

The Nintendo Switch is the success story Nintendo needed after the disastrous Wii U that preceded it. Many were always in the mindset that the Switch was something that the Wii U should have been all along, but with the need of the console that was difficult. Thats what makes the Switch so popular. The ability to play anything from small indie titles to full console experiences handheld, wherever you want.

Be that as it may, with all this talk about next-gen hardware the past few months. Notably at E3 with Microsofts Project Scarlett on the way it got some thinking even with a Pro version of Nintendos latest console, can it realistically keep up with Sonys and Microsofts next gen machines. When they get going and will the Switch Revision, assuming its true, matter?

Author: N4G

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