Fortnite’s Next Event Might Be A Giant Monster Fight This Weekend

Fortnite is preparing to wrap up Season 9 in a few weeks, and it appears this weekend could start the events that will lead into Season 10. Data miners have found evidence of an large-scale battle that could kick off on Saturday evening.

The giant eyeball from Polar Peak, apparently belonging to a monster nicknamed Cattus, has vanished. It has been roaming around the island and causing havoc. Meanwhile, a giant robot called Doggus is under construction at Pressure Plant. The two seem likely for a confrontation sooner or later.

Eurogamer reports that the datamines have found indications that the event will take place on July 20 at 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST / 7 PM BST (4 AM AEST on July 21). The game itself has started placing posters encouraging players to find high ground with public service notices when things start to get wild, in case you need a good vantage point to watch it all go down.

If you’re still catching up with Battle Stars, you can check out our challenge guide for a little hand with this week’s challenges. We already know a little about Season 10, notably that it will change the system requirements. Epic also recently warned mobile players about the latest iOS 13 beta update, citing stability concerns.

Author: GameSpot

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