SDCC 2019: Why It Chapter 2’s Jessica Chastain Had To Sit In A Kiddie Pool Of Blood

From the bucket of pig’s blood in Carrie to the corridors of gore in The Shining, Stephen King movie adaptations have often featured a lot of blood. But it seems that the upcoming It: Chapter 2 will outdo them both. At the panel for the movie at San Diego Comic-Con, star Jessica Chastain spoke about her bloodsoaked experiences in the film.

It was claimed at the panel that It: Chapter 2 has set a record for the amount of fake blood used–allegedly 4,500 gallons. Chastain revealed that in one of scenes, she is completely drenched in blood, but pushed director Andy Muschietti to go even further with the amount of gore on her. “When [Muschietti] first talked to me about the scene, I thought it was really smart–brilliant–and I was excited by it,” she said. “But then he said, ‘The blood is going to come up to your collarbone–it’s not going to get on your face.’ [But] I was like, ‘Let’s make Carrie on steroids.'”

However, it seems that Chastain was unprepared for just how long she would need to stay entirely soaked in blood while making the film. At the SDCC panel, the star revealed that between takes she would have to sit in a kiddie pool filled with fake blood, with a wind turbine blasting her to keep it cold. As co-star James McAvoy explained, due to the sugar in the fake blood, “If you heat it up, it ferments and goes putrid and it smells like puke.”

The latest trailer for It: Chapter 2 was also revealed at SDCC, in addition to some new clips, including the moment that the adult Losers’ Club meet again after 27 years, and a longer look at the funhouse scene in the trailer. We’ve also just gotten a new poster.

It: Chapter Two also stars Bill Hader as Richie, James Ransone as Eddie, Andy Bean as Stan, and Isaiah Mustafa as Mike. Bill SkarsgÄrd returns as Pennywise, one of the guises of the terrifying interdimensional entity of the title. The movie releases on September 9.

Author: GameSpot

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