Terminator 2’s John Connor, Edward Furlong, Returns For Dark Fate

The latest attempt to revitalize the Terminator franchise is looking to tap into some of that classic Terminator 2 magic. Edward Furlong, the actor who played John Connor in the 1991 film, is being brought back for the same role in the upcoming Terminator: Dark Fate. The news was shared at the start of the movie’s San Diego Comic-Con panel, which is ongoing at the time of this writing.

The SDCC panel featured a live call-in from producer James Cameron, who is currently at work on the Avatar 2 set. Among other things, we learned that Dark Fate will carry an R rating in the United States. The last movie in the series, Terminator Genisys, was rated PG-13.

Dark Fate will reunite Furlong with his T2 co-stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton, the latter of which is also making her first appearance in a Terminator movie in decades. Schwarzenegger has been regularly featured in subsequent films, including the aforementioned Genisys.

Furlong played Connor in only a single movie; later iterations have recast him depending on how old he was meant to be. Other actors to take on the role include Nick Stahl (Terminator 3), Christian Bale (Terminator Salvation), and Jason Clarke (Genisys).

Dark Fate releases on November 1 and is directed by Deadpool’s Tim Miller.

Author: GameSpot

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