Batman Beyond Remaster Announced At Comic-Con, Coming This October

At a San Diego Comic-Con panel, the cast and creators for Batman Beyond announced that a remastered version of the DC animated series will be out this October. Called Batman Beyond: The Complete Animated Series Limited Edition, the collection will launch digitally on October 15 and on physical Blu-ray on October 29. The first season will also be available for DC Universe subscribers starting August 23.

According to IGN, the collection is comprised of six discs, two of which contain bonus content–including a remastered version of the Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker movie and 15 featurettes about the series. Four of the series’ episodes will also include commentary from members of the production team. If you decide to buy the physical version of the collection, you’ll also receive a limited edition chrome painted Batman Beyond Funko Pop.

Batman Beyond is the direct sequel to Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures, taking place at the end of DC’s animated universe and following up on numerous character storylines established in Static Shock, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited. 52 episodes long, the series begins in 2019 with an elderly Bruce Wayne retiring as Batman before quickly fast-forwarding to 2039 and following the crime-fighting adventures of Terry McGinnis, a teenager who takes on the cowl.

Only 41 of the 52 episodes have been fully remastered, while the remaining 11 are only partially remade–as they’ve been too damaged over time. The 11 are “Eyewitness,” “Final Cut,” “The Last Resort,” “Armory,” “Sneak Peek,” “The Eggbaby,” “Zeta,” “Plague,” “April Moon,” “Sentries of the Lost Cosmos,” and “Speak No Evil.” For an idea of what a full remaster entails, IGN created a video that showcases a scene from the first episode side-by-side with its new counterpart.

The digital version of Batman Beyond: The Complete Animated Series Limited Edition will cost $50 USD / $60 SRP Canada. The Blu-ray version will set you back twice as much. UK and Australian prices have yet to be announced.

Author: GameSpot

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