SDCC 2019: Cobra Kai Season 3 Is Sending Daniel LaRusso Back To Japan

On the heels of that heartbreaking Season 2 cliffhanger, the cast and producers of Cobra Kai came to San Diego Comic-Con to give some idea about what’s to come in the future. When last we left the characters, Miguel (Xolo MaridueƱa) was in bad shape in a hospital after a karate riot broke out in his high school, leading to him falling over a balcony and landing spine-first on the railing of a staircase.

So what comes next? According to the show’s producers, the students of Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do will be figuring out how to move forward as they reflect on what’s become of the two dojos full of students. As for Miyagi-Do sensei Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio), his moving forward will look a lot like revisiting his past. “We will see Daniel LaRusso return to Okinawa,” executive producer John Hurwitz revealed.

Fans of the Karate Kid franchise will remember Daniel took his first trip to Okinawa, Japan in The Karate Kid II, in which a then-young Daniel traveled to the country with Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita). Hopefully this time he doesn’t get stuck in a typhoon or a fight to the death. After all, he’s got a family to think about back at home in the valley.

When it comes to the other characters on the show, there’s not a lot to be known as Season 3 production hasn’t started yet. However, Martin Kove does believe that Sensei Kreese will find some kind of redemption after ousting Johnny (William Zabka) as the head of Cobra Kai. “Coming up soon, I think there’s a lot of redemption,” he said. “I think there should be. But if there isn’t, I think that’ll be a really good dance.”

As for what redemption looks like to Sensei Kreese, who has turned his back on his greatest student, that’s anyone’s guess. Given what we’ve seen of him so far on Cobra Kai, though, chances are he’s not going to give up his devious ways without a fight.

Cobra Kai will return to YouTube in 2019.

Author: GameSpot

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