Archer Gets Season 11 Renewal And A Major Plot Twist At San Diego Comic-Con

With two episodes left in its 10th season, the cast and producer of FX’s Archer stormed San Diego Comic-Con with a preview of the next new installment–“Cubert,” which airs on July 24–and a Season 11 renewal.

While “Cubert” is easily one of the best episodes of Season 10, showcasing Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) as he thinks a mysterious object is terrorizing the crew of his ship while he may instead be losing his mind, the news of Season 11 was what the fans in attendance at the panel were truly waiting for. After all, for the last three seasons Archer has been stuck in a coma as the show’s characters continue to live on in his coma dream in a variety of situations, from space travel in the current Archer 1999 to the Danger Island season, in which they are marooned on a mysterious island.

The following contains spoilers for the Season 10 finale of Archer.

With the Season 11 announcement, it was revealed what form the show would be in next season. In the short teaser, many possibly happenings flash on the screen, including Archer having children, battling cancer, and getting into all kinds is trouble. However, it ends with him waking up from his coma, three years later. He learns that his mother has essentially moved into his hospital room and was waiting for him to wake up the entire time. However, she doesn’t share many details about what’s happened to others in his life since then.

Archer’s producers promised that Season 11 will see Archer getting back to the detective work that the show was known for prior to Sterling entering his coma. When that season will arrive remains a mystery, but Archer isn’t done with FX back and he’s finally getting back into fighting shape after nearly dying.

Author: GameSpot

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