Fortnite Live Event: The Big Robot-Monster Showdown Fight Is Over; Here’s What Happened

As expected, the countdowns in Fortnite: Battle Royale that we saw pop up recently were leading to a fight between a giant mech robot and a huge monster. The event took place on the afternoon of Saturday, July 20, and the robot has emerged victorious–an event that brings with it a few changes.

Season 9’s story has involved the potential emergence of a monster, and so the robot was essentially built in preparation. The monster showed up during today’s event, with the mech activating in response. The two squared off across the island, with the mech losing an arm at one point. The two tried to break into the Loot Lake vault, but despite being down an arm, the robot was successful in doing so; this caused a sort of orb to appear that gave it the strength to stagger the monster.

Having bought some extra time, the robot was able to pull a large sword out of the ground (its hilt was actually a statue at Neo Tilted pond) and stuck it right through the monster’s head. The robot then flew off (having flossed and saluted onlookers), leaving behind both the monster and sword as new elements on the map.

Just before “The Big Showdown,” as Epic refers to it, took place, the developer disabled all game modes to ensure this was showcased. Players who were online at the time of the event were able to watch all of this action unfold with the help of jetpacks, which helped make it easier to take it all in. They were not active participants, however; this was purely a battle between the two giants. What exactly this portends for Season 10 is unclear, but it was nonetheless cool to see–we’ll have a replay of the full thing for you to watch soon.

Author: GameSpot

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