SDCC 2019: New Watchmen TV Series Trailer Revealed During Comic-Con

During SDCC 2019, a new trailer for the upcoming Watchmen HBO series was released. The trailer further details the escalating conflict that will take center stage in the show, while also fleshing out the motivations of some of the key characters. You can watch the new San Diego Comic-Con trailer above.

Based on the comic of the same name, Watchmen takes place in an alternate version of the US in which vigilantes rose to prominence and then quickly became outlawed after society became weary of their violent actions and started viewing costumed heroes as criminals. Watchmen has typically been told through the perspective of a core group of vigilantes–namely Doctor Manhattan, Ozymandias, Rorschach, Night Owl, and their allies. This new series, however, follows other, different groups of vigilante outlaws and dives deeper into the lives of the ordinary citizens and police officers that are affected by the perpetual violence of costumed heroes.

The new trailer highlights the escalating animosity growing between vigilantes and the people they supposedly protect. Many police officers have even begun wearing masks themselves in order to hide their identities, and it’s creating a society where people are able to engage in violent actions with little accountability. The Watchmen comics have always been a bit more grimdark and mature than your typical superhero affair, and the trailer suggests that the show will seemingly lean into its source material with a sort of malicious glee. The trailer also sees the return of a few familiar faces, including Ozymandias and Doctor Manhattan.

Despite sharing a name with the 2009 film that came before it, the Watchmen series is not a prequel or sequel to an existing story. Instead, the show is a brand-new original narrative that takes place within the world of the Watchmen comic. Airing on HBO, Watchmen will debut in October 2019.

Author: GameSpot

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