There are over 100 games on the Epic Store and there’s still no way to sort them

PCGamer: At the start of the year, I thought Epic would slowly add new games to its budding store, and part of my reasoning came from the design. The storefront, which still looks like it did at launch, is not an efficient way to display a lot of games. It seemed to me that part of the appeal of selling through the Epic Store (aside from some guaranteed revenue upfront) was that your game would become part of a small library that hungry new Fortnite gamers would inevitably be drawn to.

I misjudged, clearly. Halfway through the year, there are now 103 games listed on the Epic Store, and there’s still no way to view them as a tidy list, or sort them by genre, or see which just released. There’s a section for “Upcoming Games” at the bottom, but there are also unreleased games available for pre-purchase mixed in with the other section.

What initially seemed like a feature of the storethat it was so exclusive a simple grid was all it neededhas become an issue due to Epic’s aggre…

Author: N4G

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