SDCC 2019: Supergirl Debuts New Suit, The Flash And Arrow Reveal New Characters

While the DC movie universe is absent from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, the studio’s TV output features extensively. The CW’s range of DC shows, known as the Arrow-verse, held a panel on Saturday, July 20, and gave fans a taste of what to expect from some of its upcoming shows.

Supergirl returns for its fifth season in October. The biggest change this season is Kara’s suit, which has been redesigned. Fans were given a proper look at the new-look Kryptonian supersuit at the panel–check it out below:

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There were two new cast members also introduced at the Supergirl panel. Julie Gonzalo will play Andrea Rojas–aka Acrata–a DC character first introduced in comic books in 2000. She is described as a business woman with “a mystical secret,” and is set to appear in the Supergirl Season 5 premiere on October 6. The other new addition to the show is “hardened reporter” William Dey, who is an original character and will be played by Game of Thrones’ Staz Nair.

The Flash

The panel also revealed some new characters for two other Arrow-verse shows. The evil Bloodwork will make his TV debut in The Flash, played by former Heroes star Sendhil Ramamurthy. Bloodwork–aka Ramsey Russo–was first introduced in Flash comics in 2017, and is a terrifying adversary who gains his powers from his infected blood. The Flash Season 6 premieres on October 8.


The other new addition to the Arrow-verse will be in the show that gave the series its name. Arrow reaches its eighth and final season on October 15, and Charlie Barnett will join as a season regular playing John Diggle Jr. Barnett is best known for co-starring in this year’s Netflix hit Russian Doll, and his character of Diggle Jr. is the villainous leader of the Deathstroke gang.

The Arrow-verse panel isn’t the only DC panel taking place today. At 7 PM PT fans will be able to find out what’s upcoming on DC Universe. And although there won’t be any news about the DC cinematic universe this weekend, the campaign for the studio to release the rumored “Snyder cut” of Justice League continues, with one eager fan hiring a plane to fly a banner over the convention. Check out all the other San Diego Comic-Con news on GameSpot here.

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