Marvel Confirms Loki’s Endgame Moment Sets Up Disney+ Show, Sets Release Date Window

One of the weirdest moments in Avengers: Endgame came when, during the team’s trip to various points in the past, Loki absconded with the Tesseract–AKA the Space Stone–and then nobody in the movie ever mentioned it again. Giving a dude like Loki the ability to teleport around the universe didn’t seem like a great idea, but apparently the great minds at Disney disagreed–because at San Diego Marvel’s San Diego Comic-Con 2019 panel, MCU boss Kevin Feige revealed that it was all part of the plan.

During the SDCC panel, Marvel shared new details about the Loki show coming to Disney+, including its release window: Spring 2021. And they confirmed that Loki’s bizarre moment in Endgame was indeed the setup for the show, as many fans speculated.

“Didn’t I see Loki die in Infinity War?” Feige asked during the panel. “You did, but what else did you see in Endgame?” That prompted the clip in question from Endgame to play for the audience in Hall H, confirming the theory that’s been discussed since Endgame’s April release.

“Where did Loki go, what happened to Loki? This series will answer that,” Feige continued.

Disney+ is scheduled to launch on November 12. The service requires a monthly subscription fee of $7 or an annual one of $70. Three more Marvel-related series have been ordered for the service as well: one for Loki, one for Vision and Scarlet Witch, and one for Hawkeye (the Kate Bishop version, not Clint Barton).

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Author: GameSpot

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