Anno 1800: The Sunken Treasures is coming this July

Ubisoft has finally revealed the official release date of Anno 1800: The Sunken Treasures. It is the first massive expansion of the game Anno 1800. The DLC is coming on July 30, 2019, alongside with an update on the same day.

Ubisoft has also revealed some new details about the new DLC. You will be able to play a new storyline in The Sunken Treasures in which players are sent off to search shipwrecks lost in the bottom of the ocean after a significant naval battle. However, This will add another six hours to the games storyline. The map of The Sunken Treasures is three times bigger than the map of Anno 1800, which means that there will be plenty of space to move around. The DLC will also offer a new trading partner who is called Old Nate.

Author: N4G

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