Final Fantasy XV’s AI is Secretly a Grand Philosophy Experiment

Eurogamer: Games in general are useful platforms for the systematising and testing out of philosophical precepts, and there are projects that engage with this potential more earnestly. Another recent example is No Code’s existential thriller Observation, which casts you as a space station AI suddenly encumbered with a self, and struggling to feel at home in a form that spans CCTV networks, heads-up displays and robot drones.

The game I want to talk about today is a less likely work of philosophising – Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 15, which, it transpires, owes rather a lot to traditions of scholarly inquiry that date back centuries. That’s according to Youichiro Miyake, lead AI researcher at the publisher’s Advanced Technology Division, who I sat down with at Reboot Develop Blue this spring.

Author: N4G

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