Overwatch’s New Hero, Sigma, Abilities And Ultimate Detailed; Live Today On PTR

Overwatch‘s next playable character, Siebren de Kuiper aka Sigma, has been slowly teased throughout the weekend, and now his arrival is imminent. Blizzard released full details on his power set, and he’ll be live on the Public Test Region (PTR) starting at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET / 7 PM BST.

As shown in the story trailer yesterday, Sigma is an ambitious scientist who was severely damaged in an experiment. He gained the ability to manipulate gravity, but his mind was unstable and so he was locked away. Talon subsequently broke him loose and used him as a weapon. The scientist from the Netherlands is also one of the older characters on the Overwatch roster, at 62.

Sigma is a Tank character–very important to note given the new Role Queue. His basic abilities include Hyper Spheres which launch two charges that implode and damage an area, an Experimental Barrier that can be propelled to any location and then recalled, a Kinetic Grasp that converts incoming projectiles to shields, and Accretion which gathers debris and then throws it at an enemy. His Ultimate ability, Gravitic Flux, lifts nearby enemies into the air and then slams them back down onto the ground.

A livestream with Jeff Kaplan and Brandon “Seagull” Larned showed off Sigma in action just ahead of his release. For more details, check out his official bio page alongside the rest of the Overwatch cast.

Author: GameSpot

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