Ubisoft Narrows Down Rainbow Six Quarantine Release Window

Rainbow Six Quarantine was revealed at E3 this year with a vague “early 2020” release window. Now, publisher Ubisoft has narrowed that time frame a little further.

The company stated in its most recent earnings call that the game will launch before the end of the current financial year (via Game Informer). That means we’ll be playing Quarantine on March 31, 2020 at the very latest–barring any delays, of course.

Quarantine is a multiplayer PvE game, in contrast to Siege‘s predominantly PvP gameplay. The mode appears similar to Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak, a popular limited-time mode. Ubisoft has now decided to split off PvE into its very own game. Like the company’s entire library, it will be included in the Uplay+ service set to launch this fall.

Quarantine is designed to sit alongside Siege, rather than replace it. The latter continues to evolve, and its latest Operation Phantom Sight update makes a bunch of Operator changes. You can see more on the new spin-off game, meanwhile, in the video above.

Author: GameSpot

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