New Gameplay Trailer For Cute Dungeon Crawler Game, Cat Lady, Released

Viz Media has released a new gameplay trailer for Cat Lady, an upcoming dungeon crawler developed by Rose City Games. You can watch the trailer above.

The trailer showcases Cat Lady protagonist Ally Marie reaching her grandmother’s house, only to discover all of the household items have been possessed by ghosts and have kidnapped her grandma. Her grandmother’s cats–who all can now talk–convince Ally that they must go save her relative. As Ally makes her way through her grandma’s house, she utilizes different combinations of cats to combat the ghosts, as each feline has a unique special ability. The wizard cat Mildred can shoot powerful fireballs, for instance, while the kissy cat Nelly sends out hearts in a wider shotgun-like spread.

Cat Lady is the second scheduled release in a deal that Viz Media has with Rose City Games to develop three games that incorporate a manga- or anime-like art style. The first game, The World Next Door, is a visual-novel-meets-puzzle-battle game where human teenager Jun becomes trapped in a world of fantasy and magic and must rely on the new friends she meets to try and find a way home. The third game has yet to be announced.

According to the gameplay trailer, Cat Lady is expected to release “soon.” Launch platforms have not yet been announced.

A manga publisher, Viz Media has long existed on the fringes of the gaming industry and is responsible for some of the most popular manga adaptations of several gaming franchises, including The Legend of Zelda and Splatoon. When the company isn’t focused on games, it’s primarily responsible for publishing English translations of shonen manga in the west–such as My Hero Academia, Dr. Stone, One Piece, and Dragon Ball.

In GameSpot’s The World Next Door review, I wrote, “The cast of characters is genuinely funny at times, and getting to know them has its benefits, but the story ends before most have a chance to really grow and mature. Worse, an interesting plot point that Liza introduces into the story near the game’s end is never satisfyingly resolved. The combat portion has similar shortcomings. Though the puzzle battles are frantic bouts of fast-paced fun, the most interesting enemies and bosses are introduced in the latter half of the game, leaving combat in the first two dungeons too simple. Ultimately, there’s enjoyment to be had with The World Next Door, but the game takes too long to start leaning into its strengths.”

Author: GameSpot

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