PUBG Update: Season 4 Is Live On PC With Map Overhaul And More

Fortnite isn’t the only battle royale game on the cusp of a new season. PUBG Corp. has rolled out PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds‘ Season 4 update on PC, introducing some big changes to the shooter, including a revamp of its original map, a new Survivor Pass with an assortment of new missions to complete and rewards to unlock, and more.

The biggest changes come to the aforementioned map, Erangel, which has received a major visual overhaul. PUBG Corp. says it has “improved the graphical quality of Erangel’s various areas and terrains across the board,” ranging from improved textures to updated terrain. According to the developer:

“We’ve updated existing terrain, signage, and buildings and have added a small number of buildings to some areas as well. To better illustrate Erangel’s history, terrain elements have been added or revised. Trenches, blast marks, camo nets, and abandoned tanks have been added across different areas of the map.”

Additionally, PUBG’s Season 4 Survivor Pass, dubbed Aftermath, is now available. The pass can be purchased on Steam for $10 USD and grants holders access to a variety of seasonal, premium, and weekly missions to complete, which will level the pass up and unlock an assortment of new cosmetics and other rewards, such as emotes, clothing items, and weapon skins.

The Season 4 Survivor Pass also introduces a new cooperative mission system. Much like Fortnite’s Party Assist feature, this allows players to team up with friends and contribute to a mission’s progress. New weekly missions will go live every Wednesday throughout the season. The Season 4 Survivor Pass will be active until October 15.

In addition to those changes, the Season 4 update also makes balance adjustments to many weapons and vehicles. You can find the full patch notes for the update on the PUBG website. PUBG Corp. says Season 4 will also be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game this summer, although no exact date has been announced just yet.

Author: GameSpot

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