Nintendo Reveals Gorgeous Disney-Themed Switch Console

Fresh off the back of revealing the Switch Lite and another new version of the console with improved battery life, Nintendo has unveiled a new special edition Switch that looks gorgeous.

The Disney Tsum Tsum console is themed around–you guessed it–Disney’s line of Tsum Tsum plushes. It will be released on October 10 to coincide with Bandai Namco’s Disney Tsum Tsum Festival game based around the same soft toy line.

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However, while the game is coming to the West, it appears the console–which is the new, longer-lasting model–is exclusive to Japan for now. It is available for pre-order now though, if you fancy importing it. GameSpot has contacted Nintendo to clarify if the special edition device will ever come to Europe or the Americas.

While the Tsum Tsum console is yet to be confirmed for the West, we do know of some new Joy-Con colors coming soon: blue with neon yellow, and purple with neon orange.

A much bigger change to the Switch hardware is represented by the Switch Lite, a smaller and budget-priced version of the console that removes the docking functionality to be a portable-only system. That version has its controllers permanently affixed to the body of the console, unlike the standard Switch. However, you could still use separate Joy-Cons for local multiplayer games.

Author: GameSpot

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