Emotional Avengers Endgame Deleted Scene Shows What Happened To Gamora

With the Avengers: Endgame home release just around the corner–and the Russo Brothers going on tour to promote it for whatever reason–you can expect all sorts of juicy behind-the-scenes features and extra clips cropping up around the internet in the coming weeks.

There has been some discussion of scenes that were trimmed from the final cut of the movie featuring Thor and Valkyrie as well as a confusing moment in the Soul Stone for Tony Stark, but this is our first look at an actual clip of one. As an extended version of Tony’s death, the scene itself isn’t completely new–there’s no real dialogue and no surprise additions to the story–but it does protract the moments immediately following Stark’s snap to showcase how the other Avengers react. Or, well, how they don’t react. Take a look.

The most notable moment here is Gamora, who hilariously decides to just dip rather than following suit with all her strange new comrades and taking a knee. After all, she’s the Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1, she doesn’t know any of these people. Why should she care that some man in a metal suit bit the dust? This is also a relatively concrete answer for one of the ending’s bigger question. What actually happened to Gamora? She just peaced out. Simple as that. And we can’t really blame her.

Also of note in the scene is Stephen Strange, a man who is both a literal doctor and a literal wizard, making absolutely no move at all to rush to Stark’s aid. Also, medical and mystical expertise aside, the Time Stone is definitely still on Tony’s modified gauntlet–if the stones were gone, Cap wouldn’t have had to go on his own little time travel adventure to put them back–and Strange is definitely a Time Stone expert. We just saw back in Avengers: Infinity War that the Time Stone can easily rewind one specific person’s death (RIP Vision). But apparently, none of those things matter in lieu of watching in stony-faced silence and participating in a strangely toned group action with his teammates.

But it looks kind of cool and the music is in a key designed to really tug at our heartstrings, so maybe that’s more important than maintaining any sense of narrative logic. After all, who can argue with a movie that sort-of-kind-of dethroned Avatar?

Author: GameSpot

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