Unbound: Worlds Apart is a beautifully crafted puzzle platformer coming to PC & Switch next year!

Sammy J from Gaming Daze writes: A lot of research goes into what games to cover at Gaming Daze but sometimes its an easy task if you happen to stumble across a game that stands out with an in depth artistic approach. One glimpse at Unbound: Worlds Apart was enough of a hook to lure me into reading up about the game and make me want to crack open the demo and find out how well it plays. Being a sucker for a good puzzle game as well as being a total sucker for a decent platformer, I hoped Unbound wasnt going to be another game that had the looks but not a lot else. The demo albeit a fairly short experience, but its enough of an experience for me to be able to tell that there is more than what meets the eye with Unbound and we could have another Indie gem in the making. Lets have a closer inspection on what the game has to offer as well as my take on the demo.

Author: N4G

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