Fire Emblem: Three Houses Guide – Gender-Specific Classes

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, as was the case in previous Fire Emblem games, each gender has its own variety of classes that are unique to them. Most of them will be common, but for whatever reason, only dudes can punch things and be a hero, and only girls can ride the flying horsies. Here is a list of all the gender-specific classes in the game, so you don’t waste time training anybody to be certified in a class they’re locked out of.

Male Only:


  • Brawler (Brawl)
  • Dark Mage (Reason)


  • Hero (Sword, Axe)
  • Grappler (Brawl)
  • Dark Bishop (Reason)


  • War Master (Axe, Brawl)

Female Only:


  • Pegasus Knight (Lance, Flying)


  • None


  • Falcon Knight (Sword, Lance, Flying)
  • Gremory (Reason, Faith)

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Author: GameSpot

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