Fire Emblem: Three Houses Guide – Everything You Need To Know About Fishing

Fishing in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a great way to increase your Professor Level without spending any activity points, with the bonus of being able to stockpile ingredients to have for meals. Sometimes, there will be events on Sundays where rare fish become available to catch, which you can sell for cold, hard, cash. But it’s important to fish smart, meaning you shouldn’t necessarily reel in the first fish that bites!

When a fish catches on, there’ll be an icon that shows what kind of rarity the fish will be. When you’re using expensive bait to catch rare fish (like during a special event day, for example), you’ll want to wait for the Purple, Gold, or Rainbow fish icon to show up to make sure you’re making the most of it.

However, there is a risk of losing your bait after the third snag, sometimes fourth if you’re lucky. So try and get out while you’re ahead.

Here’s how the rarity scales: Blue -> Red -> Gold/Rainbow/Purple (Special Fish Event Only)

And remember: the better your timing is on the minigame, the better the fish will be! Or so the game says, anyway. Excellent! Perfect!

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Author: GameSpot

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