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The Indie Game Website writes:

‘Sorry, I dont do horror games.

Im a complete coward.

I left the player character from Amnesia: The Dark Descent locked in a cupboard on the first level.


These are all phrases that came to mind long after Id cheerily accepted the review code for The Blackout Club without truly considering what I was signing up for. So I did what any sensible coward would do and waited until midday, with all the curtains open and a cup of tea before I bit the bullet.

Ultimately, I neednt have worried so much. Aside from the prologue and well definitely get to that The Blackout Club is more creepy than horror. Its a 1-4 player co-op stealth game with clear immersive sim influences stemming from the development teams history with series like Thief, Bioshock and Prey.’

Author: N4G

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