Monster Hunter World: Iceborne PC Release Date Window Narrowed

Monster Hunter World‘s big Iceborne expansion arrives on PS4 and Xbox One this September, but PC players will need to wait a little longer to jump into the DLC. Capcom had previously said Iceborne will release on the platform sometime this winter, but now the publisher has narrowed that window down to a specific month.

On the official Monster Hunter Twitter account, Capcom confirmed that Iceborne will launch for PC via Steam early next year, in January 2020. No specific date was pinned down just yet, but at least we now know when we can expect the expansion to arrive on the platform, and it won’t be too far behind the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

Iceborne takes players to an arctic region known as Hoarfrost Reach, which is home to a variety of new and returning monsters, including the Tigrex and the Glavenus (which now has an intimidating new subspecies). In addition to new monsters to hunt and gear to craft, Iceborne features a new Gathering Hub that boasts some welcome improvements. This time, you’ll be able to decorate your room with different pieces of furniture and other decor, and a future update will let other players visit your room.

The expansion also introduces a few other welcome gameplay tweaks. Now, the difficulty will scale for two-player teams. Your Palico companions will also be able to wield some new gadgets such as the Shieldspire Stooge, which is a “mobile decoy” that will draw a monster’s attention. You can read more details about the gameplay tweaks on Capcom’s blog.

Iceborne launches for PS4 and Xbox One on September 6 for $40. Capcom is also offering a digital deluxe edition that includes a new Yukumo armor set along with a few other items for your hunter. You’ll need to own a copy of the base game in order to play the Iceborne expansion, but Capcom is releasing a new Monster Hunter World Master Edition that bundles both together for $60.

Author: GameSpot

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