New Wasteland 3 Trailer Sees The Rangers Take On A Cult

During Inside Xbox August 2019, a new trailer for Wasteland 3 was shown. The trailer sees the Desert Rangers respond to a summons from the Patriarch of Colorado.

In the trailer, the Desert Rangers seem hesitant to help the Patriarch, especially with the frozen wasteland of Colorado containing threats that the Rangers have never seen before–including a dangerous cult. However, the aid that the Patriarch can provide for the Rangers is too enticing to reject the job, especially since the Rangers’ desert home of Arizona is in desperate need of an ally.

Developed by the creators behind the original Fallout, the Wasteland franchise is a collection of squad-based RPGs that take place in a future America that has been destroyed by a nuclear apocalypse. The studio that creates Wasteland, inXile, was acquired by Xbox to make first-party games for the company’s consoles–though Wasteland 3 and a few other games will still be coming out for PS4.

The release of Wasteland 3 will mark the retirement of Brian Fargo, a game industry veteran who heads inXile, as he announced the upcoming RPG would be “a good time to drop the mic” and move on. “I love this industry, but I’ve been at this since 1981,” Fargo said. “I’ve been at it with [Sierra co-founders] Ken and Roberta Williams, [EA founder] Trip Hawkins, and the guys from Brøderbund. “I look at my friends, they have a lot more spare time than I do. It’s a very intense business. It’s all-encompassing. It seems like I should relax for a little bit.”

Wasteland 3 is scheduled to release for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Author: GameSpot

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