Overwatch For Switch Possibly Leaked Again, Thanks To Plants Vs. Zombies

Overwatch is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, but Blizzard’s hero shooter might soon be making its way to the Nintendo Switch as well. Evidence continues to point towards the existence of a Switch port arriving before the end of the year, so we may soon be able to play as Tracer and company on the go.

Last month, Reset Era user Lady Bow discovered an Amazon listing for an Overwatch-themed Switch protection case. The listing was quickly pulled, but it gave us our first hint that a possible Switch port could be on the way. In an interview with GameSpot last year, Blizzard senior producer Pete Stilwell said that the studio used the process of porting Diablo III to Switch as an opportunity to familiarize itself with the capabilities of Nintendo’s current hardware, lending some credence to the rumors–even if he noted that Blizzard came away from the experience deciding to only work on Diablo III’s Switch port.

Then, a week ago, an internal release schedule from an unknown retailer was leaked on Reddit, showing a release date of October 18 for a Switch version of Overwatch. The post was eventually removed after moderators failed to verify the leak’s authenticity, but the same list has now appeared on Reset Era because of a new Plants vs Zombies game. User Vestan notes that EA only just confirmed the release date for Plants vs Zombies, and it matches up with the date shown on the leaked schedule. Thus far, EA has only announced the date in Japan but it should see a worldwide release. If the date for that is correct, maybe the Overwatch one is too.

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It’s another beacon of hope for those hoping to see the popular shooter launch on Switch. Nintendo is hosting a lengthy Direct later tonight with a focus on Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Pokemon Sword/Shield, but maybe it will find time to announce some new games, too, with Overwatch potentially being among them.

Author: GameSpot

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