New Plants Vs. Zombies Game Available Now, Sort Of

The newest Plants vs. Zombies title, Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, is slated to arrive on October 18 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. If you can’t wait to duke it out in Neighborville, then you’re in luck: the latest PvZ shooter is playable right now. But there’s a catch.

In order to play Battle for Neighborville before its October launch, you’ll have to shell out $30 USD for the Founder’s Edition–which is exclusively digital and only available for purchase from now until September 30. Doing so grants you access to six weeks’ worth of content, which allows you to earn exclusive rewards and join a community to help shape Battle for Neighborville ahead of its global release. Everything you earn in-game will carry over to the Standard edition when it comes out this fall. And when the full game does roll out, those Founding Neighbors will be automatically upgraded to the Standard edition.

Over the six weeks of content, you can play as 20 fully-customizable characters, explore three free-roam areas, participate in one PvE mode and six online multiplayer modes, and more. Additionally, every mode in Battle for Neighborville is playable in split-screen couch co-op–though this feature is only accessible on consoles. Check out the gameplay reveal trailer below.

Developer PopCap Games and publisher EA set up a news channel where you can expect to see posts every Tuesday about upcoming content for the Founder’s Edition. Additionally, the devs will hold weekly livestreams every Thursday. PopCap did share a roadmap with what’s to come each week, which can be viewed below.

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