Overwatch Coming To Nintendo Switch

Following months of speculation, Nintendo has confirmed that Overwatch is coming to Nintendo Switch. The company made the announcement as part of its Nintendo Direct presentation. It will be coming next month, on October 15.

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan said in 2017 that porting the game to the Nintendo Switch would be challenging, but noted that the studio was open to the possibility. Then last year Blizzard senior producer Pete Stilwell said the work on Diablo 3 had helped familiarize the studio with the platform.

More recently the rumors have gained steam thanks to a series of leaks. First an Overwatch-themed Switch case appeared briefly on Amazon, which suggested a port incoming. Most recently a leak that turned out to be legitimate for Plants vs. Zombies suggested that other games were real too, and Overwatch was on that list.

Author: GameSpot

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