Children of Morta Review: A Stylish, Streamlined Dungeon Crawler OnlySP

Dungeon crawling in one form or another has been a part of the video game landscape since the beginning. Many spins have been taken on the concept, but Diablo in particular has been influential, its mixture of real-time combat featuring hordes of enemies and randomly generated levels showing up in a wide range of games. With each successive title following in Diablos footsteps, another layer of complexity has been added to the concept, resulting in fun but cluttered titles that are unfriendly to newcomers. Children of Morta, while also clearly influenced by the Diablo formula, takes a different approach. This isometric hack and slasher, created by developer Dead Mage, has tiny dungeons, little loot, and a focus on story above all else. Far from a pale imitator of the more complicated iterations of the idea, this pared-back approach creates an easy to learn, hard to master gameplay loop that feels rewarding at every turn.

Author: N4G

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