Gears 5 Xbox One X vs Xbox One vs PC Graphics Analysis: One of The Best Looking Games of All Time

What The Coalition has achieved with Gears 5 is nothing short of extraordinary. A lot of work has clearly gone into optimizing all three platforms according to their strengths and improving the visual fidelity compared to Gears 4. The base Xbox One version does a decent job of proving a great Gears experience although with performance compromises. The Xbox One X, too, excels with phenomenal adherence to 60fps and a large operating resolution but its the PC version that is truly head and shoulders above the console versions. Featuring a wide variety of options and the inclusion of Ultra Textures really sets it apart from other platforms. Regardless of whatever platform you play the game on, you can be assured of one thing. Gears of War is back with a bang!

Author: N4G

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