Trailer For Wrinkles The Clown Documentary Will Have You Looking Over Your Shoulder

Remember a few years ago when people were dressing up as creepy clowns and just hanging out in public, which, in turn, scared everyone? What a bizarre epidemic. Well, there’s now a documentary coming out about one individual who does this for a living called Wrinkles The Clown, and you can see the first trailer for the movie below.

The film follows a 65-year old Florida man who dresses up in a creepy clown mask and gets hired by people–many times parents–to scare kids. He’ll appear in people’s backyards, outside their windows, and generally being frightening in random places. The film looks to find out who this man is, why he’s doing this, and the viral effect his actions had across the internet.

While the movie trailer seems to blur the line between fiction and reality, Wrinkles the Clown is a real person, and you can call him if you have some kids you want to freak out. This all originally took place in 2014, and the man behind the mask–a Naples, Florida retiree who didn’t want to spend his days playing golf. And his antics as Wrinkles the Clown drew national attention and spawned numerous copycats throughout the United States.

If you want to see the full story for yourself, check out Wrinkles The Clown when it comes to theaters on October 4.

Author: GameSpot

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