Stream PC Games to Your Phone, Fast and Easy

From the moment I realized that my mobile device was more powerful than my 486 of yore, I began to imagine playing core games on my phone, whacking botchlings in The Witcher while waiting online at the post office, that kind of thing. Unfortunately, core gaming on my phone proved limited at best. Later, when I found I could stream PC games to my phone, I was ecstatic. That didnt last. A few years passed. In the interim, I picked up a few mobile controllers, upgraded to a 5G router, while at the same time, game stream options began popping up on the Play Store like heated kernels of corn. I dived back in, researched streaming and a host of streaming-related stuff, and made it work. The point here is not to provide you with an exhaustive list of options but to show you what we think are the best, easiest and most viable options in terms of streaming services, peripherals and games.

Author: N4G

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