The Gears 5 Campaign Is Beautiful But Broken: A Great Game That Needs Patching Fast

Forbes: I love GoW. Ive played every Gears campaign in a transatlantic co-op arrangement with a friendusually from day one. But after trying it out this weekend on the same terms, its safe to say that Gears 5s early issues completely eclipse those of all its five predecessors combined, so much so that half of our time has been spent mitigating the roadblocks it creates.

Thats not to say its a bad game; far from it. When the goings good, its incredible: the story is engrossing, the gameplay is fantastic and fresher, and it feels much, much quicker than every other game in the series. Id go so far as to say its shaping up to be the best Gears game yet.

Author: N4G

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