Breaking Bad Movie Will Feature A Character Who Died On The Show

The new Breaking Bad movie, El Camino, will reportedly feature 10 or more familiar characters. The story focuses on what happens to Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) immediately after the events of Breaking Bad, but what other characters are returning? One more can now be added to the list.

Jonathan Banks, who played Mike Ehrmantraut on Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, told ET Canada that he’ll appear in El Camino. “Yes. They’ll hit me in the head for saying this, but yes, why not? How hard can they hit me? None of those guys hit very hard anyway,” Banks said.

People are speculating that the two figures here are Jesse and Mike
People are speculating that the two figures here are Jesse and Mike

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) murdered Mike in the Breaking Bad Season 5 episode “Say My Name,” so fans are wondering how Ehrmantraut might come back for El Camino. One possibility is that this may happen in a flashback scene.

After all, the full-length trailer for El Camino showed two figures that look like Jesse and Mike–standing by a river that looks similar to the one where Walt killed Mike. It’s also possible that this is Walt and Mike standing side by side, but it’s hard to say for sure who they are given the silhouettes and clothes are not completely consistent with Breaking Bad.

The two cars in the background appear to be Mike’s Chrysler New Yorker and Jesse’s red Toyota Tercel, which lends to the suggestion that this scene shows Mike and Jesse, though this is only speculation.

As for the other returning characters in El Camino, trailers have already confirmed that Skinny Pete (Charles Baker), Badger (Matt Jones), and Joe (Larry Hankin) will come back, in addition to Jesse (Aaron Paul) in the leading role.

A rumored casting sheet for El Camino mentioned that the following characters would return: Mike, Skinny Pete, Badger, Ed, Mrs. Pinkman, Kenny, and Jane. The sheet also said Walter White will return with Bryan Cranston reprising his iconic role.

According to a report, one of the returning characters is so secretive that the producers flew them to set on a private jet to avoid detection. If Walter White is indeed coming back, he would certainly fit the bill of a massive surprise cameo that the producers would want to keep a secret.

El Camino comes to Netflix and select theatres on October 11.

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