Destiny 2 Captive Cord Location: Where To Go For Essence Of Failure Quest

Among the many new activities that Destiny 2: Shadowkeep brings are those tied to the Lectern of Enchantment. This device is located near Eris Morn on the moon and presents you with bounties and Nightmare Essence quests. These allow you to farm for superior versions of certain armor and weapons. One of the weapon quests, Essence of Failure, consists of several steps to earn the Arc Logic auto rifle, including one that requires you to find a special item. Here’s where the Captive Cord is located and what to do.

Each of these Essence weapon quests gives you a named location for where to find the item you need. In this case, it tells you the Captive Cord is found in the Lunar Battlegrounds, but you won’t find that on the in-game map. The area you’re looking for is the one from the very first mission of the Shadowkeep campaign. Once you’re reasonably close to it, you’ll receive an objective marker that guides you right to it. Here are step-by-step instructions to get there.

Where To Find Captive Chord

  • Spawn at the Sorrow’s Harbor landing zone
  • Get on your Sparrow, head right toward the southeastern exit, which takes you across a bridge
  • Keep moving forward and you’ll be notified you’ve entered the Lunar Battlegrounds
  • Pass through this next area by going straight and to the right
  • When you enter the next area, you’ll see a wrecked dome structure and a building with a series of antennae and satellite dishes
  • Jump up to the third floor of the satellite building and you’ll find the cord on the right side
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Finding the Captive Cord is only one of three steps for this quest, though it is the only one with any ambiguity to it.

Essence of Failure Quest Steps

  • Activities Completed (patrols, public events, Lost Sectors on the moon)
  • 50 Auto Rifle kills
  • Captive Cord found
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Finish all three steps and you’ll net yourself the Arc Logic auto rifle. If you don’t like the rolls you get on it, you can reacquire the Essence of Failure quest from the Lectern, and next time you do it, you’ll only need to complete the first two steps–you only need to find the Captive Cord once. However, the quest itself costs one Phantasmal Core, which in the early going are not easy to come across. They drop as rewards for some of Eris Morn’s bounties, or you can buy them from the Lectern in exchange for 20 Phantasmal Fragments, which you’ll earn by killing Nightmares. They can also be purchased for 25 Helium Fragments, the moon’s planetary material.

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