Top 3 Series Rockstar Games Should Revive on Next Gen

Rockstar Games is currently sitting on — and doing nothing with — a large slabof great series that have been sidelined to the never-ending re-release pipeline.

That said, the hope is hopefully this will change with the PlayStation 5. After all, they can’t make Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead games forever. They can, and would probably make a few pretty pennies, but that’s boring. Gamers certainly are getting more Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead in the future, in fact, a new installment in the former is most likely already in development. Meanwhile, the latter looks poised to hang around for years to come via Red Dead Online.

The question is: does Rockstar plan on staying a two-game studio next-gen? Lets hope not, because there’s a few series many would like to see not only return on PS5, but Xbox Scarlett as well.

Author: N4G

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