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The Indie Game Website writes: “The development of Indivisible was not without highs and lows. Though a not-insignificant sum, the $960k pledged during its 2015 Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign was still far short of the $1.5m goal, and this was on all-or-nothing stakes. Fortunately, a 20-day extension was granted and Indivisible finally crawled past its lofty target, setting a record for the most raised on the crowdfunding platform. Had it not reached that, it may have never existed.

With an original estimated release date of early 2018, the game suffered multiple delays as Lab Zero came to terms with the ambition and scope of their project. But four years since its Indiegogo campaign, Indivisible has finally reached the finish line. And Im pleased to say that, for the most part, all of that persistence paid off.”

Author: N4G

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