The Finger Guns Podcast Ep. 29 – Bully 2 Isn’t Happening | House of the Dead | PS Now Price Drop

Ross @ FG: This week on the Finger Guns Podcast, Greg, Paul and Rossko dissect the weeks news such as Rockstar more or less confirming that Bully 2 despite the fan outcry that its a certainty is almost definitely not happening, and what the means for future single player Rockstar experiences and even if we were ever really excited about it at all. We also long for the days of the light gun with the announcement that House of the Dead is making a triumphant return. How is going to work on consoles without light guns? We debate how they can be utilised on each console. We also deep dive into Sonys recent PlayStation Now price drop, and what it means for the future of the platform. Does it justify its price and can it compete with Xbox Game Pass? We discuss.

Author: N4G

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